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Originally Posted by MommyZ of 2
I know he's a little too old for this, but could you strap him in the highchair, in front of the tv with a snack? That's such a tough situation. My ods was almost 3 when his brother was born, but he understood the rules and was used to being left alone in a room for 20 minutes or so and I had no worries. I'd be dishing out some very serious punishments for going outside without asking/ having an adult present. He pulled that one time and after seeing psycho mommy, never ever attempted it again.
He's four now, and usually helps me read a book to his brother before nap time. ( he has at least 5 books completely committed to memory! At least im not the only one who knows Goodnight Moon!) sometimes he's busy doing whatever, and I just tell him where we're going. He blows kisses to his brother and goes back to his thing. Then, once the baby's asleep, we do a special mommy and Trevor activity. He looks forward to our time alone. He's not always perfect- I have caught him with a red face and empty carton of strawberries, or standing on a chair rooting in the pantry, or building a structure from the decorative rocks in the Yucca planter, but nothing very dangerous or disruptive.
Hmmm. I wasn't successful at keeping him in the high chair way back when. It didn't have a 5point harness. And he thinks upset mommy is funny. He knows once yds is asleep he gets my attention...and usually cookies. I could try putting him in his booster chair with a snack. I think he'll just turtle shell it, but it would slow him down and he wouldn't be able to drive his cars...maybe it would demotivate him to escape, lol. I'm thinking a sliding lock at the top of our doors might be a good idea. Won't look nice, but it will be out of reach.
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