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Re: Is PBS addictive for preschoolers?

My actually likes the science channel. I know in some households science isn't an everyday thing around (other then the stuff that science made, a phone, lightbulbs, and so on). In this house science is EVERYWHERE. He has his favorite shows on the Science channel and will sit there just as well watching them as cartoons. I can't say I really blame him as I can sit like a fish in front of the TV watching "How It's Made". You know with the mouth wide open and unable to change the channel!

What is the difference for me, is just a bit of PBS turned him into a different person. He EVEN asked about it last night when watching is #1 all time favorite program last night, Top Gear. He LOVES Top Gear. When I say he loves cars, it isn't an understatement. He LOVES cars. He could barely talk (we are talking 1.5 at most), yet when we would go on a walk, he would name all the makes of the cars we would go by, including Acura, and Jeep, and other lesser known or driven makes. We went to a restaurant on the Jersey shore last year and he saw a Lambergeni in the parking lot. You would have thought he just saw the worlds largest candy store! He was just standing there in awe as my husband lifted him up to have a better view and look at the car.

So the fact that he asked about PBS in the middle of Top Gear, tells me all I need to know about PBS. He asked about it today and I told him he can't watch it anymore. He was able to have a calm conversation with me about it, and I told him that I didn't like the way he acts when he watches PBS. However I am still fine with him watching History and Science. I also told him that when he is done with school work he can go outside and play if it isn't too windy for him (he got cold yesterday with the wind we were having). He liked this idea.

I also told him he can watch cartoons when I go to the doctor. These will be the DVD cartoons that we have already screened.

BTW my son knows what my I phone is, but he doesn't ever play with it without asking. I can even ask him to bring it to me if it is in another room and he doesn't try. At the most he will ask daddy to play Angry Birds on it. He doesn't like playing it himself, but he does like watching others play. We don't have an I-pad so I don't know how he would be with one. His grandparents have one and he does watch things on it, but what they let him do is their business. When they leave, the I-pad goes with them and so do their rules.

In general my son is a great kid. I think that is why this PBS outburst is such a hard thing for me to understand.
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