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Re: Rave for CD'ing daddies....

Yes ma'am, my husband proudly tells other moms AND dads that we cloth diaper and save a bundle. He can spout if money saving facts, tips, wash routines and can tell you all about CD's from flats to AIO's. He never reaches for our daycare sposies at home even though they're right there, he washes puts away our dipes and will spray off the nastiest diapers without a peep. He re-makes our wipes solution and soaks our cloth wipes in it, will slather on olive oil and even knows how to treat our sons rashes with home ground oatmeal and baking soda in the tub.

He'll produly change a CD in the mens bathroom and will even answer questions no less. When people bash cloth he doesn't get it and says... "So what if you have to get dirty once in a while, we save THOUSANDS!!". When I brought home our new babies teeny itty bitty fluff he said he was excited to CD a tiny one again and was impressed by my savings. Yep he knew $2 for a NB fitted was a great deal! I love my CDing hubby!
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