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If I were you, wwyd?

Ok- at 3 weeks of life we got mastitis, then thrush. I have done ketoconazole for 2 weeks, diflucan for 2 weeks (still have 2 left)...GV, coconut oil, candida diet, Grapefruit seed extract, etc, name it, I've done it. I never wear a bra, don't use nursing pads, have tried numerous creams...

The ketoconazole got rid of it, but unfortunately I didn't get rid of it in DS so we got it back. This time I'm on diflucan as is he because I didn't feel comfortable doing ketoconazole again since it can cause toxicity in babies.

DS is 10 weeks old, grows great, doing great...however...I have had maybe 2 pain free nursing days in his life. I still have a persistent crack and pain moreso on the left than right. I saw the LC AGAIN today (I see her every week) and asked her about it again. She said it still looks like yeast to her. WHAT?! What the heck? I feel lost as to what to do next. How can it be yeast after everything I do? I'm so lost. I don't know whether just to wean him or what?

Where would you go from here?
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