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Re: How to manage with 2 babies or when mom wants another and dad is happy with just

Thank you, everyone. I will admit that I surprised myself by writing my first post with very little emotion. Truth is, I have been so saddened by this, that I think I just try to put it out of my mind or build up a little wall because I am so fearful DH will not change his mind. I do wish for her to have a sibling, and when I mention that, DH points out that he and his sister are not close at all, and my sister and I have huge troubles relating with one another. We are not terribly close either, but we do talk more regularly than he does with his sister, though we also take long breaks because we are so different and she is so difficult.

None of this dissuades me evenly mildly from wanting a second!

The only time I could really see my DH's point of view was when I was very sick recently and couldn't even take care of DD1. But, of course, DH was here to fill-in when necessary.


ETA: Funny. I just re-read my post and see that I wrote DD1 when there are no others to count. Haha, yeah, I really want another baby!!!!

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