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Re: Did low iron/severe anemia change your birth plan?

I have been anemic (once pretty severely) with all of my pregnancies.

I have had great results bringing my iron up (in just a few weeks) using Black Strap Molasses AND Floradix with Iron. Those two products brought my iron up high enough to save my homebirth with my son. Otherwise I would have had to transfer to a hospital.

I highly recommend trying those if you're not already.

Also, there is usually an acceptable limit. Do you know how low your iron is? And how far you are from the limit that you need to be at to be able to go forward with your homebirth?

I would not give up. It's not over till the fat lady sings (so to speak)... and 4 wks is enough time to bring it up quite a bit if you start a strict regimin NOW and stick to it militantly.

Not only will it save your homebirth, but you will also feel world's better once your iron is up.
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