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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 24th - Mar 2nd

from last weeks' thread...

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
The pain isn't bad. Or even nightly. It's been like 3x in 2 straight weeks of drinking the tea. Might just be from bad posture or who knows.
I really wouldn't worry about it being anything with your placenta. And if it's only that infrequent, I assume it's just a random more uncomfy cramp or BH.

Originally Posted by rverrone11 View Post
NB diapers are soooo cute, but I'm trying to avoid looking at them.

Had a busy day here.

We are finally getting somewhere with our insurance company. Hopefully we will know if my OB will be in-network by next week.
They are... that's the problem! I really don't need any more diapers... but I know how cute they'd be! Still debating, lol.

That is a very busy day! for a surprise shower - that's awesome!

everything works out with your insurance!

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
AFM: My back is killing me, I totally over did it.

Anyone else have their nails breaking off left and right??? Mine aren't usually fantastic but I've broken 5 today alone!!
another busy day! Don't overdo it too much mamas, we don't want any sore, achy mamas, or any extra unwanted contractions!

I have stronger nails when I'm pregnant than I ever do when I'm not pregnant. Maybe it was just all your working and moving things around?

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
Maybe this one will stay small longer.
I'd love that! But I won't hold my breath

AFM: We went to DH's parents' house yesterday morning and had breakfast/brunch with everyone french toast with blueberries and whip cream, and sausage! Then we took SIL for fro yo - more
Said our goodbyes and then we ran around getting a few errands done and getting groceries - that wasn't so much fun, lol.

Today we'll get to church, then to his parents' place for lunch and visiting, I assume. I'll be able to run out and find some yarn or at least cross stitch cloth - Michaels' is sold out of everything I need
DH and MIL have their class at the church tonight, but we'll stay for supper with FIL anyways.
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