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Re: Blessed with Children, Struggling for More week of January 7th

I think it is time that I pass on the thread. I think this week will have to be my last week. I will still be cheering you all on though and will be checking in on everyone all the time. Hopefully someone will take on the thread so that you can all still support each other through the struggles.

Carrie- Yikes!!! You poor thing!!! I was miserable when I had that happen- it went all down my thighs too- it must've been some sort of iodine or something. In fact, I don't remember what I took to make it better because it was such a terrible memory- my brain is blocking me from remembering it all. Hang in there- hope you get relief soon!!!
Oh- and good luck tomorrow!!!! I can't wait to hear how it goes

Robin- Got you updated.
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