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Re: Blessed with Children, Struggling for More week of January 7th

Originally Posted by slimy72 View Post
Not oversensative at all. I've skipped two family parties over the holidays because I couldn't take seeing my neice who was born with in two weeks of my would be due date with the one I lost last year, or my pregnant sister in law who is due two weeks after I would have been next year. Sunday I agreed to go to dh's grandma's for dinner because he promised no body else was planning to be there and his pregnant sister and her dh and four kids showed up. The oldest also happens to have a birthday within a week of when another of my losses was due, so I just really was a mess. I made it through half an hour when I told dh I needed to go and I cried most of the way home. So no, to me, you seem like you're doing great. I wish I wasn't still such a mess.
Thanks. Its just that her baby and mine would have gone to school together, she lives 3 houses down and our other kids are all friends, so it really was hard to see. I cried for an hour afterward. And then I took an anti anxiety. And then I went to bed. I'm not much better today though, I think I'll need another one tonight. I can't seem to get through more than a few days without taking an anti anxiety lately, especially because my anxiety keeps me awake at night. so no I'm not doing great unfortunately. I'm a mess also. I'm going to counseling Thursday. I'm nervous but really hoping it will help.

The meds I've been taking are dh's (bad I know, but I need something to be able to function) but they are a class D. Anyone know if there is a safe anti anxiety for TTC? I probably need to go in to my dr. You don't think my RE would just call something in for me do you?

I sometimes think this all just isn't worth it and I want to give up. But then I still want another baby and I think that giving up I would still feel sad, I don't know, it just sucks.
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