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Help me figure out these symptoms, PLEASE!

I am 16 weeks with my third, and this entire pregnancy I have been feeling awful. My symptoms are extreme nausea (very little vomiting though), severe headaches, dizziness, extreme thirst (like i cant drink enough, ever), extreme fatigue, and most recently shortness of breath and hand tremors. I was in the ER all day last Friday where they ruled out a brain tumor, and said my blood sugar was on the low end of normal (well duh you just starved me for 8hrs), and my thyroid was borderline normal/high.

My OB seems to think all of this is normal pregnancy related stuff. I disagree. I don't think everyday things like cooking dinner, taking a shower, or walking around the store should make me out of breath.

The last blood work she sent me for was betas, t3 and t4 thyroid tests, marker screens, and some kind of glucose test (not the normal one where you drink the syrup). So here are my questions. What the heck is going on with me? And also what could she be checking betas for at this point? I'm 16 weeks I thought that was to confirm that it was a sustainable pregnancy in the first tri?

I have been feeling bad for 2months now, and it is wearing down on me. Mentally, emotionally I am just at the end of my rope. Help please!!

ETA: I am making sure to eat every 2 hours, and it usually makes me more nauseated. It doesn't change the hand tremors or the dizziness at all. It's so frustrating.
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