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water usage

Someone please make me feel better about the extra loads of laundry that I'm doing. Normally when I read the "washing diapers uses more water" arguments I scoff and shake my head. And overall that's still my view because if I remember correctly, it takes as much water to MAKE a sposie as it does to wash a cloth dipe over its lifetime. The difference is that right now, my town is in drought level 2 (less than 18 months left of water - I think we're at 13 months) and by mid October we'll likely be level 3 (less than a year of water left). So while making a sposie might use more water, it uses the water somewhere else where it isn't as dire a situation. I have 2 in diapers (although DS1 is starting to show signs of being ready for the potty) so I wash 3-4 loads per week. I have a front loader and I don't run too many extra cycles. I either run a speed wash (cold) with nothing if I have time, or I hit the "presoak" button before my regular wash. I run a normal hot wash cycle with an extra rinse, and that's it. (We have seriously HARD water so even using regular Tide, it rinses clean quite easily)

I know there has to be a good reason that would explain why it's better to keep using our cloth. I really don't want to switch. Someone remind me, please!
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