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Re: Do you eat less to be thrifty/cut grocery bill?

I have in the past or times when money is short like recently when I was not working at all and DH was out of work for 5 weeks unexpectedly. Without MILs help we would not have eaten at all!! OK extreme but really she helped us with groceries so we didn't starve or eat noodles/pasta every meal!!

I really haven't kept track of how much we spend a month but we are a family of three and easily spend 4 to 5 hundred, but that include diapers and other extras. We live in a HCOL area or so I think. I have a heart attack when i go grocery shopping! We do buy some prepared foods, like frozen pizza and DH lunch stuff. I have tried to get him to eat healthier but he still likes his frozen stuff and will eat both!!

I am underweight and anemic so I have been trying to not worry so much about our grocery budget. We have gone months without buying meat in the past and my general health suffers. I need the protein and don't eat beans!! EVER!!

DS eats pretty good but we try to stick to organic for him. I worry about GMOs too and it is so hard bc not everything is labeled and a lot is hidden or withheld or just hard to find and remember what companies do what!! We don't have a Trader Joes or Whole Foods anywhere close enough to shop there.
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