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Re: *May 2011 Mamas - February Chat Thread*

Yay new pictures and new abilities! DS is attempting to pull up to stand but isn't quite there yet, he's also still not crawling more like commando scooting backwards lol! He still rolls and gets where he wants with little-to-no trouble so I don't think he's in a rush to crawl. More time for me to get baby-proofed Last week tooth #6 cut through and #s 7 & 8 we can see but haven't broken through the gums yet. It explains why he's been sleeping like crap too (up almost every hour at night), four teeth almost at once is crazy!

The last picture (in the swing) I took today, we ventured to the park because it was nearly 70 degrees!!! DS loved watching all of the kids at the park and especially loved swinging! It was been an oddly mild winter for us, we don't always get tons of snow but we do typically have frigid temps and this year hasn't been very bad at all. No complaints here!
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