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Re: Will it get better?

I hear ya, mama. I have a 3 yo and a 6 wk old (plus the 11 and 13 yo's who some days are more difficult/work than the baby and 3 yo). What has helped me with dinners is whenever the baby is sleeping (and not nursing lol), I cook. I may end up making dinner at 7am, but then it's ready and there is no hassle at dinnertime. I also love my crock pot. In 3 minutes (approx), I can have a great meal cooking which again needs no prep time at dinnertime.
I so know how you feel though. My 6 wk old (right now, I know she'll grow out of it) believes she MUST have me, not dh between the hours of 9 and 11:30 (which just happen to be tthe hours he can help lol). So I know what you mean about time to pee.I keep reminding myself of how quickly it goes.
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