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Re: May Flowers Chat Jan 24th

AOTD: We're moving in the next two months more than likely into a rental house, so any painting or decorating is pretty much out. I'm also planning on having this LO in our room for at least 6 months to a year so we have a while before we need to worry about any sort of separate baby room. On top of that, we're doing a mini crib so NOTHING fits it aside from sheets and some of the mini crib sized bedding found online, none of which I particularly care for. I've got some green sheets on our registry and I might put together a simple block quilt as fall starts rolling around since baby isn't even suppose to have blankets until a certain age.

That being said, if we DID have a full sized crib and got bedding, I LOVED this one at Babies R Us Bunny Meadow Bed Set But since the sheets won't fit, comforter won't fit and is pretty stiff (good for a wall decoration, not much else), the bumpers aren't recommended because of the increased risk of SIDS, and the dust ruffle won't fit... I'm pretty much left with the window trim and the diaper stacker. Not really worth it for $190

DH is working today so I'll get some alone time in the house. YAY! I need to vacuum pretty badly as there's kitty hair all over the carpet and black fur on pink carpet (don't ask... we rent) looks BAD. I should probably work on DH's hat too so I can be done with it. We'll see if I get around to finishing up the 12-16 more wipes I want to finishing sewing so I can iron and topstitch everything in one go. I need to keep working on our names list too. DH and I are considering keeping the name choices a secret too, just to drive everyone nuts since they all have to wait to find out the gender as it is. DH was totally on board with this idea, which I was a little surprised at, since it's HIS MOM that hounds us about names every single time we see her. We're bad people!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!
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