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Re: JuneBugs July Chat

Aww, thanks Mamas. I'm really trying not to hope, while hoping all the same, kwim? I've heard so many stories of things being a-ok with spotting, everything settling down, and everyone being healthy. But I've heard just as many stories (and been there 3 times myself before) with spotting being the beginning of the end.
But I do appreciate the well-wishes and prayers.

Even though that whole part really did overshadow my birthday for me, I tried really hard to put it aside for the kids' sake when they were around and really paying attention to me. And DH was wonderful.
He was supposed to go to work yesterday - even though the kids' last day was the 29th they had meetings planned all day He had tried to get it off for my birthday anyways but hadn't been able to. He left in the morning, I had told him I had started spotting - he knew something was wrong the moment he looked at me in the morning. I texted him when the spotting turned red and I passed a couple clots - I texted saying bleeding had started, as I assumed it was, and that I really needed him to hurry home after the day, though I knew he all ready would be, because I was having a hard time dealing with all the kids on top of everything else - I just had no patience or anything.
About an hour later he walked in the door He'd told his principal that he was sorry but he needed to leave early and come home to me.
So that was wonderful of him. And then he made me fish cakes for supper () and he even had made me a birthday cake!
I opened gifts from the kids - really thoughtful ones , and we had a good evening/bedtime together. Then DH (finally!) got Levi's birthday pics done for me at the same time as doing my cake ones I just posted them on my blog if you wanna check them out!
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