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Re: JuneBugs July Chat

Thanks Jul! I'm so happy with how Levi's cake turned out! And DH for my bday cake - totally wasn't expecting that.
No worries about not reading the blog, lol. I really do it mainly for my parents - if I really thought other people would read it I would start up ads on it and try to make some extra $$! Speaking of them, though - do you have a link to Olya's blog? I loved seeing her beautiful pics when she was still posting with us here, but just followed her sig link and never bookmarked it.
Levi is doing that same thing! When we're sitting around watching a movie or whatnot, he'll toddle around checking out things or playing with toys, come back every few minutes for a cuddle, then off again. The past couple weeks he's really getting into stories and being read to - we love reading with the kiddies! So he'll find a book and bring it to us - "read please?"
Ouchie on the eye - hope it's not too bad a black eye!

AFM: We went to the fireworks last night - Levi loved them! He was hilarious before they started - toddling around looking at other people, squealing and giggling, but only going so far from us before turning, waving, and toddling back to us.
DH wants to take me (all of us, but the food's for me, lol) for a picnic today - he has salmon and dill cream cheese spread and yummy bread. Not sure what park we'll go to yet.

Things picked up in the middle of the night - still not quite as heavy bleeding as I was expecting yet, but darker red and more than just when wiping.
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