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Re: Taking DR/too frugal living too far....not updating home....

Originally Posted by Leanbh View Post

But, that's my point.....those people.....lived like no one it was later and they had a boatload of money NOW they were living in a much nicer home. But what I'm saying is what a waste if you had THAT much money all these years I'm sure, then you couldn't redo the house a little? Seriously a few k in painting or 20k for a super nice kitchen and they could have enjoyed it for much longer.

I think what you are saying is that they should have....later lived like no one else....sooner, right?

But that's why I put "too frugal" in the title too........

BTW - it's one thing if you don't have the money, but in this case they did. Normally I would think a lot of people on the show up a HELOC to come up with the funds, but in this case she stated they had saved a lot. Kinda the mystery millionaires who go to their graves with a ton of money......
I just don't see this as Dave Ramsey what-so-ever. It's not his plan at all, so it's not taken too far. It's just people too frugal or whatever, but I don't think it's Dave Ramsey gone too far.
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