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Re: Taking DR/too frugal living too far....not updating home....

Originally Posted by Tris View Post
Maybe renovations were just overwhelming? I don't know, I can think of a million reasons someone would have the money but not the time/ ability to update a house. Sometimes it's just not a priority. Maybe they always planned to just move but stuff happened? And really, if they updated 10 years ago, their house would be outdated already
I'll agree with this, too. We have the money to redo our kitchen. It's not terrible, but the doors need to be refinished or replaced, the counter is dark green laminate and not our style, and we'd like to have a place for trash, more drawers, etc. But, it is very overwhelming! It's a lot of money to part with and the thought of picking the wrong thing is holding us back to an extent. We're really hoping to do it this fall, once DS2 is in kindergarten. But, I'm just not sure we'll have a plan.
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