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Re: Sbish More Wool Weekend?

Originally Posted by mms1972 View Post
me too! i think she should sell em!
I know! I want sbish tote! I can never have too many shopping bags!

Originally Posted by goyazite21 View Post
On No! Poor little finger I have noticed my ds *freaking out* when he gets marker/paint/mashed potatoes on his hands. He will very emotionally say "UH-OH" until it's all washed off. The thought never crossed my mind of him scrubbing that hard.
Yeah he is real weird about being messy (but you should see how he eats )
When he was like under 2, he hated sand...he hated dirt on him! It made it impossible for him to want to go out and play. He didn't want to get dirty.
He is better with it now and likes sand and playing outside. But he said he wanted to wash his hands and he came out with his little finger bleeding!
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