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Re: Sbish More Wool Weekend?

Originally Posted by pcolamomtothefifth View Post
Is anyone expecting anything fluffy today?

I think we are getting black L karate pants with pockets and brown ML karate pants with pockets. I then can make the decision of which size fits best. If they are like the shorts, ML will be tight but L will be too long. Ugh! I hope they work.
Maybe some fleece pants from the amazon sale and a sticky peas AI2. It will be a nice fluffy day if all that arrives.
i loove it when all the fluff arrives on the same day!!

Originally Posted by ForCryingOutLoud View Post
This isn't Sbish, but look what Kristi of TFK just knitted for me

Originally Posted by ForCryingOutLoud View Post
My DS is suppose to be at gymnastics right now, but he wouldn't get dressed, just kept doing whatever he wanted, goofy around, then he got all OCD and started to wash his hands because he had marker on them and he scrubbed so hard he made his finger bleed
So we are home. I am going to go work (making shirts) soon. That will be my all day activity.
oh no! you guys didn't get to go!! silly ocd children! i totally sympathize!!

Originally Posted by goyazite21 View Post
Good Morning Ladies I got to relax in bed this morning until almost 9:30, yay for Valentine's Day I also woke up to a shipping notice from sbish M/L graphite pants and a L teal soaker on their way. I can't wait to see this Teal IRL, I should have ordered some in my tote

Anyone else just love their sbish tote bags? I just adore ours, it seems so sturdy. My LO picks it up and walks to the door waving and saying *BYEEEEE* I tell him don't forget the produce bags and Mommy wants strawberries
i love our tote bag tooo!! i use it for my diaper bag/purse, i leave the large fully packet diaper bag in the car, and put my stuff and a dipaer/wetbag in it for evan..

oh and i love your siggi about ds "still" nursing
Originally Posted by mms1972 View Post
HI mama's!
I got teal m/l shorts , a natural double layer soaker and 3 pink doublers coming! whoo hoo! i'm set for summer already! lol! i've been buying and restashing like crazy lately-- and i gotta get on the wagon--NOW! i just ordered 2 prefolds from Zabi baby this am-- i've been on a prefold kick lately! and i gotta stop buying or my DH will have a fit!
ooh i have been wanting to try one her her pfs.. i heart pfs

Originally Posted by i&a's mama View Post
There are three of us Sbish lovin' twin mamas, I believe. I never realized how many twins there are until I had some of my own.

I'm the opposite. I only have the bamboo and adore them, so I'm afraid to try the hemp. I'm sure I will when they re-stock. Anyone have an idea of when they might?
hemp is supposed to restock in april or so.. they are in production now..

well now for me, v-day plans? not so much.. dh tried to cook me breakfast, but i was up late last night talking to *ahem* some people online and didn't want to get out of bed, so he and faelynn shared it, but there was coffee left for me, DH works every weekend.. but my mom and possibly brother and sil are coming over.. i really need to clean some before they get here!!
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