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Re: Would you get an extra free ultrasound?

Originally Posted by mom22sofar View Post
I am just wondering-it is a clinic that aims to deter pregnant women considering abortion from doing so by showing them an ultrasound live in person? Not to be political or anything, but honestly, I wouldn't want to be in a roomful of stressed out unsure pregnant women making one of the most difficult choices of their lives while I am joyfully pregnant. It isn't a pro-life/pro-choice thing, just that I don't want to be a part of their anguish while I am happily pregnant. It just seems like a really emotionally charged situation and I would take it way too personally for those in the room-or are you not able to see them or anything? Maybe I am totally misunderstanding and they take a video and show them?
Not the OP but I had similar concerns. I don't believe it's a group deal, I believe they make appts and while I'm sure there is a waiting room, I don't believe it's like an abortion clinic in that aspect of being around a bunch of other newly pregnant, nervous women. My friend said there were like 8 women who went in at once. I watched a PBS special called "the last abortion clinic "and they talked to a lot of the crisis pregnancy centers who offer ultrasound and pregnancy resources to try and deter abortion and followed their side as well. Anyway, it didn't seem like very many people were there at once but I don't personally know.
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