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I just knew it, I had this feeling - - pics

ok so I wasnt planning this. We were using protection during my ovulation, or so I thought.
I'm not really happy about it at this point, Im confused and scared. I shoulda been on BCP, but I dont like hormonal contraceptive.
BUT at the back of my mind I kinda wanted it, just a tiny bit, but not enough to be happy right now.
I also have a feeling that I am going to have a MC, and I don't want that either, that would be really hard. I know I put myself here.... But I don't want to tell anyone right now, well someone of course, but no one close to me - yet.
how long can I / should I wait? literally I just took the test 5 min ago, and the 2nd line came up pretty fast, a dollar tree test, I picked it up about a week ago, just to have in the house, for fun, since I took those tests a couple months back, the rush was intense, but I was never preggo before.... I thought it might be fun to pee on another stick, I didnt think it was possible, I just wanted to pee on it, and see if I could make myself see a 2nd line.... this 2nd line requires no effort what so ever to see!

oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh....

*edit to add - 1st day of LMP March 2nd, so EDD is Dec 7th, Im 3wk 6days preggo, 4 weeks tomorrow (tue)
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