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complications from low fluid? ?

So this question was from my sister. She wanted me to find out any information about complications due to low fluid.

She had low fluid wih her dd and they told her that she had to have a c section because having low fluid could cause the placenta to over contract, and with out the cushion of water could squish the baby.

Now from the info and research I have done over the 5 years since then, I'm not sure how much truth was actually in that. It confused me because I have heard of many women whose water had broke even days before going into labor and this wasn't even talked about.

So anyways, because she had this issue with her first she is worried about it happening with this pregnancy. She was hoping to find out some factual info on the subject, to ease her mind and help her make a decision if this issue does come up. Any links would be helpful as well. Thanks for any help you could give me to relay to her.
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