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How do you keep a minimalist diaper stash?

I can't stand having clutter around my house. It drives me nuts. My diaper stash has gotten out of control. Of the things that fit my DD right now, I have 24 GMD WHs, 3 day wool soakers, 2 night wool soakers, 5 Flip covers, 5 AIOs, 8 Goodmamas, at least 33 pockets, and prefolds. I know I have way too many but I don't know what to get rid of! I'm afraid that I'll sell something and then regret it.

For day-to-day use, I use the WHs and wool. If we go out I use pockets but could use AIOs now instead. I figure if we travel to my parents' house I'd like to use the pockets because they are one-step and it makes it easier if they want to help change her. I also have to have a full stash of the types I like it feels!

I don't like PUL but feel it makes life easier for me sometimes so I keep it.

I should have just stuck with prefolds like I started out with! This is stressing me out I want to pare down but don't want to re-buy later.
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