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Re: Was it hard for you to find a 12-15 passenger van?

Originally Posted by bai18176 View Post
We are buying a 12 passenger this week, hopefully. We found a good deal but it's 4.5 hours from us. However, we can't get 6 carseats in our odyssey, or not easily enough for all of us to get in . I love that car, and I'm a bit sad to sell it, but with twins coming soon, we have to if we all want to ride together. I'm not looking forward to driving a monstrosity, but I'm sure I will get used to it eventually.
We had to get a 12 or 15 passenger for the same reason. 5 full sized carseats were hard to find a car that would seat them and be able to easily get in and out of. Plus, we thought we would end up with at least 7 kids and we'd need it anyway. We are probably done now at 6. (Though we do hope to have one more.)

I LOVED my Yukon XL. It was about 3 or 4 years old. It was the first and only car we ever bought new. (And we knew when we bought it that it was a once in a lifetime thing for us.) We ordered it with everything I wanted in the color I wanted. I LOVED that vehicle and still really miss it. My husband and I often say, "I wonder where our Yukon is." Just the other day we were talking about when we get something new we may go back to a Yukon since the kids will be older. We found ourselves saying, "I wonder if we could find ours and buy it back!"

I have to remind myself often that it's just a vehicle to get us from one place to the other. We don't spend that much time in there. It doesn't matter how we get to where we are going as long as we get there safely. Our life is outside the car.
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