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Re: Gitting razzed about nursing passed a year...grr *vent*

OP, I love your post w/ all the smileys in it to tell the story. Don't let the naysayers get you down. You're doing something so great for your child, just keep right on doing it. (And come here to vent anytime if you need to.)

Originally Posted by skyericsson View Post
Hey if someone has a comment, i may say something back with a smile and educate but it's really not their concern. Once i was nursing dd she was 1.5yrs old and got a comment to go to the restroom and me and DH said. "You are welcome to enjoy your meal in the toilet, we will be dining at the table...." (with a smile) The woman continued and said "You can cover" and i looked right at her and said "If you don't want to see put a blanket over your head or turn it...PLEASE stop harassing us or I will get the manager thanks, now enjoy your meal"
I love it!
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