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Re: He wants to be in our bed. period.

We've tried a couple different arrangements with a cosleeper, the crib a foot or two away from our bed, and us sleeping on the floor next to his crib. In every scenario he wants to be in our bed. He likes to snuggle next to me in a certain spot and nothing else will do.

He would love to fall asleep there every night, but...
- As a couple we need to reclaim the bed, as it were
- Babe enjoys this hilarious game where he dives off furniture with the expectation someone will catch him. He is also a total sneaker (my status is an homage to him), and if he doesn't plummet loudly onto the hardwood floor it means he is tip-towing around the room in search of outlets, bathroom doors and choking hazards.
- Hubby and I are on different schedules so we can't just be in bed. Often there is only one of us here until late and we'd like to do dishes, laundry, etc.
- What happens when I'm out of town for work? I'm not sure it's totally safe for hubby to be in charge of the family bed from 8pm to 7am. KWIM?
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