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During the surgery for my third she never mentioned a window and it wasn't in her notes. My Dr is a very thorough Dr and I trust that if she had noticed she would have said something. Also, my kids were (in order) 9#10, 7#14, 6#12, and 10#8 and 22"!!! So the last one is a reason why I had significant thinning. She was the biggest one and therefore had to stretch my uterus more than the others. She was in the 99th % until 2 weeks ago when she dropped to the 88th for weight, still 98th for height though.

I would research and ask why you can't have a vbac though. I couldn't because I have a narrow pelvis and a tilted uterus, if I would have had my tiny girl first (or even vbac'd her 2nd) I could have tried for more vbacs.
Most Drs need a slew of others to be on board with them before they can do vbacs. My OB would have happily referred me but we both knew that my chances were slim to none of me even trying without ever having given birth vaginally.
Good luck with everything mama!

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