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Originally Posted by cowangel View Post
I am expecting #5 and will be my 5th C/S. My OB has done up to 6 or 7 without problems and isn't concerned about me at this point and knows I want more after this one. We've talked about it specifically. He says as long as my uterus looks good at delivery and God gives me another baby he'll figure out a way to get it out. I've not had any issues with the hospitals limiting how many C/S, but I would suggest you find an OB who has experience and is comfortable delivering for mamas with multiple C/S's...and support YOUR decision. My first OB ever told me I could never have more than 3 or 4 kids since my 1st was a C/S - I decided that was not her decision and found a new OB who I discussed this with up front and I've been with him since #2. You will find that people (in and out of the medical profession) are astounded with you once you pass (and sometimes once you hit) the #3 C/S mark...people are always like "WOW" when they hear how many I've had and I was the patient with the most C/S's the surgical assists (PA) in my last C/S (#4) had ever seen (or heard of). The decision about how many kids I have is not up to my doctor - I will find a new one if it ever becomes an issue. Don't let you dr. limit the family size you want - get a 2nd opinion and make sure up front they support multiple C/S's and know when to make RECOMMENDATIONS to you on whether to have more babies or not, but leave it in yours (and God's) hands. Just my thoughts sorry if that sounds just gets me going...
Thank you for your response! Its what I needed. I still haven't seen a doctor but some mama's from my due date club researched and found some doctors in my area I need to look up and call.
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