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Re: Can baby's position keep you from going into labor?

I think it can vary depending on each momma and baby, but yeah, I do think that a positional issue can keep labor from fully kicking in. If you've got a posterior baby, it may be keeping baby's head from engaging the pelvis properly and putting correctly placed pressure on your cervix. Body wants to go into labor but isnt getting that last little nudge of extra pressure that would help labor progress. All moms and babies are different and maybe thats just the way things are unfolding for you. I had looooots of prodromal labor with my 3rd who was posterior. When labor finally did happen, it was because he'd fully engaged in the posterior position. He was so far down (and big) he couldnt rotate.

I'd take it as a great sign that you can still work on position and spend a lot of time on the yoga ball, hands and knees and doing stairs.
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