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Re: Can baby's position keep you from going into labor?

Originally Posted by weesej View Post
Yes, positioning can cause prodromal labor,or ineffective labor. Especially in moms who have had lots of babies. My guess is that baby's head is not putting good solid pressure on your cervix, so you are having lots of contractions without dilation. I'm guessing since I haven't seen you, that since you have had multiple sets of twins that baby has too much room and is hanging out parallel the floor with its head pointing to your back rather than up and down, more perpendicular and head putting pressure down into your pelvic girdle.

If this is the case, the next time you have a good bout of contractions, I would use a belly binder or a long sling wrap to wrap your belly up snugly and keep baby more upright so you can make some progress.
I agree with this.
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