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Re: Boycott of Once Upon a Child in Carmel, Indiana

Originally Posted by slimy72 View Post
Here if you have a business you must have a handicap accessable bathroom. We have a small home business and dh had to put down that it was mobile and we don't have customers coming to the house or we would have had to install a bathroom in the garage, AND have a handicap parking spot. Crazy that other places don't even have to have a restroom at all.
I think it may have to do with pre existing. It may be grandfathered in. If it was that way before the law went into effect it may then be allowed.

Our local hospital had a bathroom about 5x6' maybe even smaller. It had a tiny sink, a toilet and a few feet to stand. It as in desperate need of updating. When I asked why it wasn't done I was told if they did so they would be required to make it handicap accessible. The problem was their quite literally just wasn't any room to make it bigger. They decided it would actually be cheaper to build new than to try to update and bring everything up to handicap codes. They just moved into the new hospital 3 weeks ago.
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