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Re: Boycott of Once Upon a Child in Carmel, Indiana

Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
Well, I do disagree with them on the bathroom issue. I agree with them for the visa. It costs them money to let you use your visa, so unless they want to pass that fee on to you, it's not worth it to them to sell you something for $8.

We were in a locally owned shop this Christmas, and the lady explained that she can't really make money if everybody uses a charge card to buy one Christmas ornament because of the fees.
They aren't allowed to pass the fee on to you. And they also are not allowed to require a minimum purchase amount to use your card. It's in the agreement they sign with the CC company.

I think It's stupid to have a kids clothing store that is not kid friendly. It would be like having a breastfeeding store that doesn't allow breastfeeding in their store... makes no sense.
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