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Originally Posted by qsefthuko

I understand the need to follow the rules. The thing is it is simply bad PR to have a children's store where it is generally expected you will have a lot of pregnant mamas and toddlers in need of a restroom NOW. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Honestly mama I am not understanding what the American's With Disabilities Act has to do with the restroom issue. As far as I understand(as explained to me by the local hospital maintenance staff) the ADA would come into play if the hospital remodeled. They would have to then bring it up to new requirements. However as long as they didn't remodel, the restroom was "grandfathered" in. I assume, if he was correct(he obviously may not have been) this would also apply to store restrooms. Of course, since accommodations must be made for disabled employees as well, it wouldn't matter if it were made available to customers or not. It would still have to be up to current standards. Unless, of course, it was "grandfathered" in. Perhaps they were also denying their employees the use of the restroom as well. I did come across a store that did this. I think it is unlikely that was the case though.
It has to do with the ADA because if you allow the public to use the restroom but don't have an ADA compliant restroom then you can be sued, shut down, fined, etc. even if its been grandfathered in. Someone locally was disabled and would go to different businesses to see if they were up to code and would slap them with a law suit if they weren't. Even if they do go to court and find them in compliance due to grandfathering in, they have still had to hire a lawyer, send someone to court, the stress, the time... Perhaps newspaper articles, blogs, etc bad mouthing you. My old work had to build a ramp on their side entrance to allow wheelchairs and do business out of the shop if someone needed access. Rarely did we need it but we were to never allow a patron to use the restroom. Once I broke the rules for a girl who was probably 16-18 and begged and pleaded so I let her and she stole my freakin' makeup! I was so mad that I bent the rules and let her go only to be slapped in the face! It was expensive makeup too not Wet N Wild. I totally understand the no bathroom thing even if I feel like my bladder will burst or my kids about to pee their pants. What would you do if you were driving on the interstate and couldn't pull over? And like PPs mentioned, it's not just YOU. There's probably 10 people a day you have asking this and having to say no or accommodate 10 people and their various children.
And I also get the CC min too as a business owner. We rarely take credit cards because of the fees!
I've never been to OUAC so I have no experience with them and their service but they're just humans like anyone else. Just because they work at a baby store doesn't mean they have to like babies!
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