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Re: Yeast Diaper Rash that won't go away? - UPDATE with Pics, is it really yeast??? H

You say you are off dairy, do you check labels for all the "other" dairy names like whey, etc? Just a thought... also any other food item you are eliminating, sometimes it takes 3-4 weeks to have an effect and sometimes it has to be 100% elimination according to the food label.

There is a yahoo group that has several VERY knowledgeable mommas on food allergies, elimination diets, MCS, etc ... the main topic of the yahoo group is elimination communication but since *most* baby symptoms of an allergy or sensitivity show through some aspect of elimination the two seem to go hand in hand..

I would join and ask about your situation there.. they can help with how to eliminate foods and what foods might be the culprit beyond the classic 8.

HTH! HUGS mamma! Keep looking.. you WILL find the answer!
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