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I need Advise mamas!!! *Another Update*

Ok so about 3 weeks ago my son ended up in the ER. One of the 3 things he had was an ear infection. We went into his regular doc a week after the ER trip. He STILL had an ear infection. So they wanted to change his meds, and they decided to put him on 1000mg A DAY of amoxicillin!!! I tried to tell him amoxicillin does not work for him but he didn't care. The pedi said it was an amped up dose so it should. Well I don't think it did.... He's off his meds. He's suppose to go in friday but I think I might try to get him in today. Now let me say since Dec 15th he has been on 5 different meds for ear infections. He had an ear infection on the Dec 15th, then again Dec 29th. He had one almost 3 weeks ago. And then this last one that he just finished meds for. Now my question is... do you think I should take him in today or just wait it out??? Should I get a different doc for this?? He has had 5 ear infections and no talk of ENT yet. What would you do mamas???

*Update- have an appointment for 4:30 tonight. Will let you know more!!!

*Update* Ear infection is gone but the doc is calling the ENT tomorrow for me to set up an appointment.... it's about time in my eyes!!!

*Update 3-12-09* So the appointment is set for 2:30 on the 30th. I'll take that.
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