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Re: I need Advise mamas!!! *Update*

Originally Posted by tallanvor View Post
I would see a different doctor. Either a different ped or a ENT doc. That is an awful lot of ear infections in a short time.
It's been 3 (4 if you consider this last one that he's been on 2 meds for) ear infections. The first one was Dec 15th. He was put on sulfa but is allergic to it so they changed his meds to Amoxicillin. He finished those meds on Dec 26th. Went back in on the 29th to find out he had another one. Was put on augmenten(sp?). Then the one found about 3 weeks ago he was put on omicef for. When we went in a week later the infection had actually gotten worse so they put him on the Amoxicillin again. Does that make sense?? haha. That's alot of meds to me!!
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