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Re: How long did you breastfeed?

before i thought about having kids i never even thought about bf'ing, while i was pregnant i said i would try for six months but if it didn't work no big deal. when ds turned six months i decided one year was old enough, when he turned one year i stoped putting limits on it because i will just extend them anyways. so now my thought is that he will wean himself before he goes to collage, and if not i guess i will just have too pump and mail it too him. i say that each child and mother is different, i respect any mother who trys her best and admire all the moms that have made it through the hard times. i think two years is awsom! and you should not need too be worried about being flamed because there are plenty of moms who just don't nures at all. i think the decision too bf or fourmula feed is a personal choice and i will admit that when i see a baby being bottle fed i get a tad upset but i would Never say anything too the mom, i just don't know what she had went through or why she chose too bottle feed.
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