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Re: How to raise kids with good morals?

Originally Posted by crazylife View Post
Well for one I'm not sure why the assumption that being non-religious or non-christian = immoral and vice versa. I've seen far too many immoral deeds done by so-called good and upright (insert religious persuasion).

Yes I like to think I have good morals, and enjoy an ethics debate, and am as agnostic as they come And DH is atheist.

Setting a good example is all you really can do.

I would also let you kids see this kind of behaviour will bite them in the butt.

She WILL get caught if she thinks she can not claim BFs income and get more aid, or get aid for 2 states or whatever. The state will go find him as a punitive father. She will be in a gob of messy paperwork when the birth cert is from a different state, with different info on it. The medical coverage may not extend state lines when she goes for visits. It may take a while, but it will happen, and she may have to pay the state back if it's bad enough.

You can call it karma, or rule of three, or jesus, but if you're a snake in the grass, the lawn mower will come for you.
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