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Diaper bags & Purses 2018

Hi all! Our last thread was getting long so hereís a new one for this year [emoji3] Iím going to ďtryĒ and post pics.

Whatís everyone using now??

Iíve bought a ton of bags for everything! Like swimming, church, snack bags and several diaper bags.

Right now my favorite diaper back is the Jujube BFF. Last thread I said I wasnít loving it, I am now.
I love that when baby is on my back I can grab the grab handle on top. I never realized how often I use that feature until I switch this week to the Be all (discontinued bag). I really love the Be all, but I think I still favor the BFF.

The best thing Iíve done is quit using a wallet. Iím now using a Be Charged clipped to my key fob in the mommy pockets of all the bags Iím using. This is AWESOME!! Iím never digging for my debit card now. All my other wallet stuff that I use is in a small set piece in side my bag. Stuff rarely ever use like punch cards and insurance cards are all in a coin size pouch in the back zipper of the inside of my bag. I canít believe I never thought of this. I seen it on a packing video and immediately tried it. So glad I did [emoji177]

Iím going to work on pics here in a bit.

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