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Re: Thought i would go into more detail about my dr appt...

Originally Posted by MommaRhi
hey melissa
congrats on the dr appt, I hope that everything goes well for you obviously! I am doing this surrogacy transfer either tomorrow or Monday and the couple I am doing this for, the 1st 2 times they did something called PGD. I dont think its something you can do WHILE pg, but they did it on the embryos. Not this time though because they have a donor. Anyhow, what they do is take a cell from each embryo and test it for chromosomal abnormalities. Out of 14 embryos on the last transfer, only 2 came back "normal" to sustain a viable pregnancy. The others tested + for either Trisomy 18 or Downs, and there was one that showed to be somewhat ok but it may have ended up implanting and then miscarrying or spontaneously aborting resulting in a situation similar to your last pregnancy. Did they rule out possible chromosomal abnormalities that may have cause the miscarriage?
Heres hoping you the best 9 mos!! I will be praying for you!

My doc has said 2 things about chromosomal abnormalites reguaring Brocks death. One is simply, a chromosomeal reasong for a baby to die, generally does not happen at 17+ weeks, and also if it did, my body would have expelled the baby, not held on for 4 weeks.That is the general. Also my twins were tested for problems and i was told the only thing they had wrong was TTTS. and i hd another MCbaby tested and there was no issue, baby just died, and was aborted. However the most accurate time for chromosome testing iswithin 2 days of the death. Seems how Brock wasnt born for 4 weeks, the chromosome tissue would have beenso broken down, that the results likely would have been inconclusive. I decided not to do an autopsy on him, since i spetn 4 weeks planning his peacful birth, and then funeral, and i didnt want to hold up the process. I was ready to lay him to rest, without being a science project.
The doc i am seeing for the time beeing is litterally the BEST i can see. He is leading the world in maternal fetal health, and is wonderful at his job. He has seen babies die for all kinds of reasons, and so if he tells me 99.9 percent chance he died of a cord accident i am left to belive him. He said MOST babies who die in the 2nd and 3rd trimester with no major problems in the pregnancy, do die from a cord accident...

He did offer me some genetic testing to be done inthenext coupel weeks. He said before 12 weeks, and i decided against it. I would never abort anyway, and why risk losing the baby for a test, that most likely would be negative to all things? He agrees with me but said as my doc. it is his job to inform me.
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