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Rave for Kaysie/Wacky Alpacky!

When I found out I was having a little girl after two boys, I was super excited and knew I wanted to find something excrutiatingly cute for her coming home outfit. I looked around for awhile and couldn't find anything so I turned to Kaysie. I sent her this color palette:

And asked her to dye some yarn to match and make me a matching shirt with her new heatpress.
She did an awesome job and gave me a very affordable price. I had enough yarn to make her outfit and a matching dress for her doll:

We came home from the hospital yesterday:

I wish I had a better pic, but she was ready to eat and we were all ready to go. She'll be wearing it many more times before she outgrows it though!

Kaysie also made awesome shirts for the big brothers:

Her work is so awesome!! If you're wanting something custom, she's the one you want to do it!

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