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Re: TTC 30+ Nov. 19-Dec. 2

Originally Posted by craigwick View Post
I think that in a "normal" 28 day cycle that it is around day 14...but that being said, even when my cycles were shorter (30 days) I O'd later than that, and still do around CD 18-22 most months, but my cycle keeps getting longer (up to 38-40 days some months now)

CD 14 for me today, seem to be starting to gear up to O, not sure why that is happening already...perhaps I really am only fertile in November (both kids conceived that month afaik)
We joke that I can only get pregnant in February. 2 MC and 2 Kids all conceived in February, possibly March 1. Haha. I really want to avoid another winter baby, but I don't think I can TTA for a month if it is my only chance.

CD 4. The bleeding is getting lighter already. I certainly hope it doesn't stick around for 10 days like it has been lately. Most months it would still be pretty have today. So I am hoping it will be over by Thursday and I don't have to deal with it at all on vacay.
My cycles have been getting longer each month that I chart. My first cycle was some weird anovulatory 14 day thing, then 25, then 30, then 35 this last one was 42. It is like my body is revolting against it.

Yesterday was DD's 5th birthday. I had so much fun with her. We went to a children's museum with a couple of her friends, baked a cake together, and then went for her dinner request with my oldest sister and parents. She got to eat with her favorite cousin which I think was more of a highlight than getting to eat out.
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