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Re: TTC 30+ Nov. 19-Dec. 2

Originally Posted by craigwick View Post
I think that in a "normal" 28 day cycle that it is around day 14...but that being said, even when my cycles were shorter (30 days) I O'd later than that, and still do around CD 18-22 most months, but my cycle keeps getting longer (up to 38-40 days some months now)

CD 14 for me today, seem to be starting to gear up to O, not sure why that is happening already...perhaps I really am only fertile in November (both kids conceived that month afaik)
Oh thats right! It should be in the middle of the cycle. Thank you! Before I was put on the pill my cycles were crazy! I couldn't even tell you how long they were. What's weird is they went wacky all of a sudden. Hopefully I will not have any issues....still to be determined.
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