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Originally Posted by tedcgh

Thank you Becky for taking over! Thank you Deanna for being a great support. Hoping the best of you. Thinking of you and your family during this happy and sad/difficult time.

Getting ready for hosting Thanksgiving. I am nervous because my relationship with my ILs is less than stellar. They are going to show up way to early, they always do. Somehow after 10 years they still somehow, "didn't realize how quickly" they can get here. At least when she barges through my door MIL always says something stupid like, "well we thought it would take us longer to get here." Why can't they be normal and show up late? DH is convinced that he is frying the turkey this year. It sounds gross to me, but we will see.

Only CD5. I am hopeful that AF will have moved on by this weekend.
Haha! That makes me laugh. We avoided the IL's this year and the trip to another city. She always undercooks and tries to serve my family of 10 like she is serving 4 adults. I'm always left hungry and at Jack in the box! Then when it's time for bed she can never find the blankets and my poor kids are trying to share a few! I've never figured this out

Btw, the fried turkey is awesome!
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