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If you're using the PnP as the main sleeping place, I would get the mattress thingy to go with it. I got one for DS2 because the bottom piece is in 4 sections, inside the plastic, and can become wonky in shape. And it's hard as a brick IMO. It was cheap and I like it. Not squishy, not thick, and the PnP sheets fit nice and tight. That's not a necessity, just my take. Also, more than 2 sheets. I know the logic, I'll always have one clean! But it rarely works that way haha.

ETA: The best thing I ever invested in was a 3in1 exersaucer. It starts as a floor mat with hanging toys, moves to the exersaucer seat, and then becomes a play table. ODS is two and YDS is turning one, both have loved it and will still be using it for a while. Seriously. Get that thing. It folds down for travel, too.

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