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Re: Help with registry???

I second the idea of getting 2 wetbags. I think the person who suggested a jumper was suggesting something like a jumparoo, which is a great toy.

I also would say I much preferred pumping into bottles and then transferring into bags. If that is your plan, you will want to buy maybe 8 or so Medela bottles to attach to your pump.

Are you planning to baby wear? Might want to look into your options there and register for something. I liked the Moby Wrap when DS was new, then I liked the Bjorn, and then after that until he was about 1 I liked the Performance Ergo. Unfortunately I didn't find a single carrier that was ideal for all of those phases.

Does your stroller have the option to clip the infant carseat base on? I found that really useful for transferring infant from car to stroller. I didn't feel comfortable putting him directly into the stroller, even with the back fully reclined, until he was about 4 months.

You might want to go ahead and register for a convertible car seat also, as the infant seats only last til about 1 YO.

Second the boppy suggestion.

Pack n Play sheets. They are a different size than crib sheets.

Socks, hats, etc.

Burp cloths. I found that prefold diapers worked the best.

I know it seems like a lot of stuff. Not sure if you are in NoVa -- I am in DC and also live in a small townhouse. If you are in NoVa, craigslist can be a good source for things like used jumparoos that are expensive and baby only uses for a few months! Then just resell it when you're done.
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