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Re: New baby-a few questions

I had my 1st in November... and she cluster fed for a few months. It was maddening! But a lot of feeding in the early days will establish a good milk supply. Nursing not only provides nourishment for your baby, but is also soothing - so it's probably a combination. A newborn has a tiny stomach, so it's gonna fill up fast, and empty just as quickly. It hurt for me to nurse, probably for the first couple months - maybe because I was a newbie? It seemed like my baby girl wasn't latching on properly, but even though I would correct her, she would come off and put her mouth where she wanted it. Eh - we're having no problems now. Next time around, I'm gonna be more relaxed about how much my baby nurses, because I wonder if my constant concern got in the way of my milk supply. I'm always worried that I'm gonna dry up! Anyhoo... I would say it's all normal.
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