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Re: santa or not to santa?

Originally Posted by Terra View Post
Thank you both I love that they are already talking about it and I'm already planning!

I do want to say though that personally I understand the other side having been there and don't have any ill feelings towards that. I do get it! And I do believe it can be as magical as you make it no matter what you do!

The only thing I don't always 'get' is the over emphasis on the religious part since really it wasn't/isn't a true Christian holiday. *Personally* I don't think Christ is on his throne saying ZOMG, look at those people taking Christ out of Christmas. I don't think he thinks anything about it. But that's just me!

ETA: Though we do put out nativity sets and do a Jesus birthday cake.
I believe in God and Christ, and I agree with you. I haven't looked into the history of that date (have been wanting to for years and haven't) but I think it was a pagan holiday before Christ was born (on an unknown date)

eta~ I do think that that perspective is valid for people who see it that way, but I don't understand it

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